Oth Khotsimeuang

Lighting Artist & Designer

Lighting Artist and Animation Designer

the Idea

To create the best images possible while working work with the top creatives in the animation industry 

JibJab Studios 2019-Current
Lighting and Compositing Artist

Season 3 Storybots
Emmy Award Winning Children’s Netflix Series
-Lighting setup & propagation
-CG shot integration with live-action, 2D animation, and stop-motion
-Vray, Deadline, Maya, Nuke pipeline

Unity Technologies 2018
Art Director
BayMax Dreams

(Collaboration with Disney TVA R&D)
(Project was awarded Emmy for Technology and Engineering)

Pioneered quill concept art production workflow into an entirely new Unity-based TV-show production pipeline.

Sole Project Concept Artist 
- Character, Prop, Environment Design
- Responsible for Color Scripts, Look and Feel
- Virtual Painting in a short film production environment (Quill)
- Lighting, Textures with Unity Engine (real-time)

Art Direction
-Manage artist, give feedback for visual targets
-Articulate designs and sell look for internal stakeholders
-Record and document techniques and processes for internal R&D departments
-Collaborate visual and technical needs to Unity dev teams for further tools development
-Communicate the director's vision to all departments (Animation, Modeling, Environment)
-Visual quality control for brand

Baobab Studios 2017
Visual Development Artist
Crow: The Legend

Sequence lighting color keys for final act
and cave fire sequences
Concepts for visual FX

Sony Pictures Imageworks               2015-2017
Senior Lighting Technical Director

Environment and character lighting using
Katana & Arnold

Oculus Story Studio                               2015
Lighting Artist (contract)

Character lighting in unreal engine 4 with
in-house tool sets
Project VR short "Henry" Oscar winning VR Short Film

PDI/DreamWorks Animation         2007-2015
Lighting and Compositing Artist

Responsible for learning complex lighting and rendering setups
Creating and customizing setups from master lighters
Building setups for one-offs and new set lighting areas
Perform tech-fixing and shot finaling, Nuke compositing
Collaborating with fx, cloth, hair, surfacing and layout departments
Color grading and seamless fx integration
Finishing shots and meeting deadlines while ensuring the production designers approved vision

Othbot Illustration                         2010-present
Artist, Owner

Online Illustration print store, products and distribution
Visual development concepts, business management
Gallery Show management

Software and Skills

Arnold Render, Vray, Deadline, Shotgun, Renderman, Katana, Maya, Nuke Compositing, Linux, Photoshop, Premiere, Painter, Zbrush, Acrylic, Oils, Watercolor, Color Design, Illustration, Unreal Engine, Unity


  • 10+ years of Feature Animation Experience

  • Worked on 12 animated films and 4 tv specials

  • Adaptable to many technical programs to create images

  • Digital painter & VFX artist


Ringling School of Art and Design             2003-2007
BFA, Computer Animation

Schoolism                                                      2013
Lighting Design for Animation
Design and Color classes taught by Nathan Fowkes

Imaginism Studios Toronto Workshop          2012
Concept artist boot-camp and solo illustration
business practices instructed by
Bobby Chui & Thierry La Fontaine 


Costume making, horror movies, RPG videogames, 
dragshows, art installations 


“LoveisLoveisLove”, Solo Show 2018
StrutSF Gallery
San Francisco, CA

"Boys of Melody", Solo Exhibition                   2015
MagnetSF Gallery
San Francisco, CA

Refrences available upon request

Feature Animation Credits

The Emoji Movie
Smurfs: The Lost Village
Penguins of Madagascar                                    
Mr. Peabody and Sherman                                  
Rise of the Guardians                                         
Madagascar 3                                                      
Kung Fu Panda 2                                            
How to Train Your Dragon
Monsters Vs Aliens
Madagascar 2


TV Show Credits

Merry Madagascar special
Shrek Holiday special
Netflix Storybots Season 3

VR Short Films

”Crow: The Legend”